Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to Erotic Election Campaign

PM: Leave Saiful alone
Athi Veeranggan Aug 17, 08 10:47pm
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today urged all parties to leave Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan alone following the latter's swearing upon a Quran on Friday that he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

saw Saiful Bukhairy in Permatang Pauh " * SUSAN LOONE's blog *
Still, Saiful looked earnest and even more handsome on the big screen. ... Can Najib swear on the Quran he is NOT involved in the murder?

Wow,don't you think Saiful look sexier than ever when he say 'I swear Anwar put his D#$% into my A#% again and again in UMNO Golden Screen Cinema(UGSC)??Pelik tapi benar,Mr.PM appeal public to leave Saiful alone after such publicity for Saiful ,courtesy of (UGSC).Anyway, erotic shows already begun during nomination since they manage to demonstrate the art of butt ripping in public..Nice style but no thanks.Its really disgusting bro..Very..God gracious, how low can UMNO go from here huh..Seriously,they are nailing their coffin harder and harder than ever.Maybe riveting straight into their head right now.RIP maybe.

And yes,welcome to UMNO erotic election campaign,look like they might promote Saiful as Menteri Wanita dan Keluarga soon.After all,he's sexually abused victim who willing to go all out in upholding sexual assault .It seems this ministry understand rape victim better since they represent weaker sex.hee hee..What else,he manage to give hope to thousands of sodomy victim out there to fight for their right.And yes,he did it all with no fear and favour.Yes,He willing to expose heinous crime in the name of justice and willing to carry scores of pet name in the course.He don't mind being labeled as sodomy victim,he don't mind his wife learn about his sexual abuse and he don't mind to gain his friends sympathy as sodomy victim..He don't mind being lest macho by giving in to 61 years old man sex demand. and satisfying old man lust..

Oh ya,most important ,he don't mind people staring at his famous butt for life..After all this is the same butt which garner international community attention and concern.This is the same butt which earn Condolleza Rice ,warning from Syed Hamid Albar..Yes,this is the same butt which cause much concern to our PM,Deputy PM and scores of Ministers.If I'm Saiful, I might well insure my butt immediately.I'm sure he can earn alot using the same material anyway around the globe since it attracting lots of interest from certain groups.Tak payah risau cari makan Saiful.

Back to topic,this is not about Saiful but about respect to Malaysian sensitivity.How would our children's think when they hear such irresponsible blatant statement from Saiful?How on earth we going to explain the statement by Saiful courtesy TV3 and Permatang Pauh big screen?Can UMNO or TV3 help me here as I still wonder how such thing can pass Ministry of information censorship scissor.Look like TV3 are more concern about 23 years old butt and willing to sacrifice their prime time for such historical swearing ceremony.

Shiish..God save Malaysia..


Permatang Pauh Pigs Story-Malaysiakini Chinese edition.

MKc: UMNO playing racial card, warning of a ‘pig’ Malaysia
Published by guansin on August 22, 2008 10:34 am under Malaysia, politics
MKc = Malaysiakini Chinese edition

Pigs ahh why pigs again?Look like pigs dragged again into Malaysian politics as part of important UmnoPutras campaign material.I'm really disgust to see propaganda on pigs used again.Why must we use pigs to degrade certain race?Just because they felt it haram(forbidden) do they feel they are far superior or better for avoiding pigs?Come on.. Pork been widely consumed around the globe today.Infact my European friend laughing to learn how you been avoiding pork meat.Do I need to follow my pea brain European friend to make same jokes on you?Nah, I'm more matured & sincerely respect Muslim believe more than he do.What he know about Malaysia right..After all, I lived in Kampung and sometimes do miss that loud Azan call from my kampung surau.I 'm proud to still follow & living in Malaysian spirit until today.

Can same UmnoPutras call American,European,African,Japanese,Korean and ect pigs just because they consuming pork?Such mentally retarded like action will put them further away way into pools of fools and continue to disgust themself among non-malay communities in whole.How if Majority India's Hindus felt the same with Cow meat consumption in India where minority Muslim continued to consume meats and even export the meat oversea?Thank god they can be more matured than UmnoPutras.Why on earth UmnoPutras so disturbed with pigs and pork meat?Why they're so concern? Are they championing Pigs right and protect slaughtering of Pigs for food?Do you think such degrading remark will chase Pork eating community from pork meat?If yes,how would this benefit UmnoPutras?

If only condemming other race for consuming pork make you better Muslim , how bout corruption?How about fitnah tanpa bukti?How about tangkap basah di PD?How about Mongolia?How about drugs or daun ketum? How about income from gambling? and list go on....So how, you think you are great just by avoiding Pork? Look at bigger picture and please tackle more serious breach of Islamic principle& law around you.Don't just pick on pigs.

Yo UmnoPutras,please change your mindset or if still pigs disturbing you then just walk away from BN and form your own beloved single race party without any pork loving members.Just don't give bullshit on BN multiracial spirit and with your thick face stop continue to woo Chinese or Indian voters using your slave ( MCA & MIC).Don't bother publicise Chinese speaking candidate to attract Chinese vote or so call pigs vote by you.Don't bother giving Datukship to Malaysian Chinese Olympic badminton silver medalist ,after all do you think pigs deserve Datuk??.Just focus on your myth struggle in championing Malay rights( which never been threatened),continue promise heaven to your race(never been materialised with many hard core poor among Malays) and pour more aids possible to Malay(only for your elite members ) .Just try to get Malay vote alone as much as possible ok.After all ,you just need Malay support to win any seat in Malaysia and to run this government right...

But errr don't you think even majority Malays are swaying away from you now.. You're in danger now don't you think so???


Thursday, August 21, 2008

YB Lim Fail? Lim vs Koh-Malaysiakini

Lim vs Koh: Lively debate on land scam @ Ong Aug 21,
Months of verbal jousting on the ‘Penang land scam' culminated in a heated televised debate last evening between Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his predecessor Dr Koh Tsu Koon.

Not bad.I'm sure many Malaysian would say this after the debate.Finally we have an equal fight here.Congratulate both participant for lively debate.Can we decide any winner here?I found both equally matched with some minor hiccup which I found more on YB Lim.Mind you, I'm an ardent YB Lim supporter but at the same time I must churn out my view openly and avoid any favouritism.I'm really sorry YB.Lim if I sound harsh.Below is just my sincere views.

Dr.Koh manage to stay on course on most of the debate and he gave perfect answer for all the questions without running out of topic and same goes to YB Lim.I just found some exaggerate element of boosting from YB Lim side which I heard before during election campaigning period.Maybe due to Permatang Pauh by election I guess.

Do YB Lim have to say ,"kita akan hapuskan miskin tegar dalam masa setahun".I found it rather interesting and felt he should just prove his word rather being emotional.Miskin tegar is not something to eliminate with government help alone.One must try to improve himself in due course rather just waiting for government aids.Saying is one thing but how to do it.Even superpower like Japan & USA still having miskin tegar in their respective countries and do government aids alone help them??I'm from poor family ,lived in squatter with no basic necessity like electricity & water in past.Did I rely on government aids alone?Did I received any special scholarship from government?Of course if government willing to offer such aids,maybe it will ease my burden but still will it be sufficient to just hand over the cash?Concrete measure should be done rather talking about "money from land deal scam could be diverted to help poors".BN government manage to reduce "miskin tegar" and this not something to deny.Maybe just not enough and will take time.Anyway personally I think born poor is not our fault but it's our fault if we die poor. One just need to change their mindset and work hard to improve their self.This can't be done with money and aids from government alone.

Back to topic,I can't help myself to ask this question,why can't YB Lim gather solid evidence before pointing finger at Dr.Koh?What's so difficult to report such scam with evidence to BPR 1st before announce it in public?Do he think it's hard to gather such evidence as a CM ?I don't think so.About transferring government staff.I really found it ridiculous to label it as a punishment since this is not punishment at all.The government staff still getting the same salary and will enjoy the same benefit just different work place.He can put it as prevention act rather labeling it as punishment.When talking about punishment,do we really need to punished such workers if such mistake due to his negligence's?If he did it based on personal profit,I'm sure he's in jail now.That is punishment and to get such punishment,YB should prove , this government staff squander cash.I agree with Dr.Koh to let him off with warning since BPR fail to find any element of kickback.Maybe Dr.Koh should transfer him to prevent same misdeed.This is what Dr.Koh missed and YB Lim have a point there alone.So talk about punishment is not something to be politicised.

Ok,about RM40Million deal,did YB Lim studied 2 BPR previous reports and current court proceeding ?He should catch anything amiss from there rather asking same question again and again.Look like he just out there to put previous government in dark not to solve the problem.I didn't find anything contradict from Dr.Koh statement and he clearly state such negligence due to 40 years old mistake and he show clearly they try to fix it using legal channel.YB Lim should just jump to bigger scandal than hanging on this alone.Sorry to say,he look like a sore loser here.
I do agree such misdeed happen and I'm sure many gain from such scam.Element of kickback can't be ruled out in any scam and this is YB Lim job to bring the criminal to light 1st and then maybe he can point his finger.

YB Lim should just working towards solving it and punish rather asking Dr.Koh or others to shoulder the responsibility.Yes,nothing wrong by exposing but why you need Dr.Koh help to solve it??Just carry on to expose the problem and don't bother any defending comments from Dr.Koh previous administration.Just like Pak Lah said,"Yang bersalah tak pernah mengaku"If you think it happen under Dr.Koh nose,than why bother asking him to help you?Why forcing someone to carry the responsibility and just hoping him to say sorry,I did mistake in past.This won't solve and will not help a bit and such blatant exposure by YB Lim will only benefit PR in sense,gaining more support from people.At end,YB.Lim just feeding sensational news to us and nothing more.In total,PR should think like a government rather as opposition here.

As I mentioned above, I just being sincere without bias to anyone.I hope YB.Lim will improve the level of professionalism in handling such issues and ultimately solve the problem.This is the reason we vote BN out since we know previous government misdeed and there is no point when we keep on talking about it .Ultimately your action and result will speak for itself.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Malaysiakini-Can we just settle for Chinese & Indian School aids alone?

Goodies roll in ... from all sides
More election goodies rolled in for the people of Permatang Pauh on the fourth day of the by-election campaign. But this time it was not from Barisan Nasional (BN) alone

Well please let me know the real quantum & purpose behind ,aids distribution pledge to vernacular school..sigh...I felt like idiot to know such late pathetic effort to win Indian & Chinese vote..For god sake ,do we really care about such aids??

Hello ,this is your duty as government to help these school..Don't make it as noble deed just cause you gave some peanuts back to people...We Indian and Chinese do pay tax bro and do we need to beg and hope for such goodies in exchange of vote?? This is really sick and such pledge is a real insult to both Chinese & Indian community in total..How long we going to hear same cheap pre-election stunts?

1st of all, why we need such bias vernacular system at 1st place.Indian just need Tamil school preserve their roots and same goes to Chinese..For both case, we just need 1 comprehensive system to cater both in single national education system.If we can teach English ,why we can't teach Tamil for Indian & Mandarin for Chinese in National school ???I'm sure just 1 hours per day is enough to do this instead of having Moral lesson right..I believe DSAI made such move which non-malay hurled racist remarks on him.Well the truth,such system made and preserved for a long time just to create ultimate barriers among our youngster..All this just to keep BN alive since BN must and should contain race based parties..They successfully made us to believe only such model can ensure harmony among race.Do we buy this anymore??Maybe until GE 12 , I guess...The evidence of BN style harmony can be traced in Uitm recent street parade..Its really sad to see our youngster,our future continue the legacy of racist agenda when we can avoid it totally at early stage..

For god sake, stop such cheap racial politic stunt and work toward building Malaysian Unity..If you want to help,do it sincerely..Work on other important issues such as LRT,2nd bridge,ect,ect which can be shared and used by all regarding race..If you want to help Vernacular school,then just do it..Please don't use such cheap material to win people heart..


PAS PM?-malaysiakini report

PAS mahu Hadi jadi PM Pakatan?@
Aug 14, 08 4:34pm
PAS lebih senang jika presidennya Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang menjadi perdana menteri apabila Pakatan Rakyat berjaya membentuk kerajaan persekutuan, kata Ketua Dewan Ulama PAS Datuk Mohamed Daud Iraqi.

Do we run out of choices to chose our next PM?Why we need to talk only about Anwar when we have Tok Guru Nik Aziz as capable Malay leader?Wait a minute, Am I out of my mind to chose PAS leader since I"m a Hindu?..Hmmm..

Why not? He have the qualities of good leaders.Honestly I do admire Tok Guru leadership.I been to Kelantan on many occasion and know more or less about his leadership from there.
  • As a leader for developing countries,one must practise high level of honesty and totally cut any ties with corruption practise.I see this in Tok Guru.No one can even bring up even tiny corruption claim on PAS leadership especially in Kelantan till date.
  • Whats wrong with banning gambling and restriction on alcohol selling outlet.Do we need gambling in Malaysia?How many of us actually struck gold with gambling.Please bear in mind,1 person gain is always 1 person misery in gambling.How many become Ah Long victim by gamble? How many had commit suicide?How many family shatter in pieces?If we cut fireworks from Chinese New Year,why can't we cut off gambling too as Chinese culture.The whole thing about culture is just about life style which won't fade away just by altering it for better life.
  • Why can't we ban alcohol sales in open?Why must we keep it open and let our youngster grab one in 7 Eleven?..If we ban cigarette for minors,why the law flexible enough to let minor buy alcohol conveniently from convenience store.? Tok Guru never mentioned about total ban and just limiting the sales,so whats wrong with that?He got a point there.
  • About Muslim and Muslim ladies attire, well I think if Majority Muslim Ladies agrees with covering head as decent dressing ,then what's so wrong in implementing this among them?This is strictly Muslim affair and we as non-Muslim should never worry or over react to champion woman rights.Let Muslim decide the best for them.
  • To date, Tok Guru manage to handle Kelantan coffer responsibly and successfully pay off millions of debts they inherit from previous BN government to record low.Actually Kelantan is the only state which manage to actually bring down their debts and pay the debts diligently.They manage to do it with with such careful spending even with limited cash from Federal.Don't you think ,they can actually handle our economy well?This is the most important value Malaysian leader should nurture."CAREFUL SPENDING AND HONESTY".I believe if Tok Guru got a solid support from federal government,he should and able to grown Kelantan far more better than what we see now.Of course,BN won't allow Kelantan to progress just to show that only they can develop Kelantan.This is just a politic strategy to marginalised Kelantan and I really salute Kelantanese to continue nurture trust in PAS leadership for years
  • So what if we live in Islamic state, Christian still practice their right and build Church in IRAN right.?Did you realise former deputy President of IRAQ (Tariq Aziz)is a Christian?I really do believe ,just by practising Islamic law,we won't lose as long PAS willing to alter a bit there and here under HUDUD law to make it more attractive and acceptable among non-Muslim.Of course,the alternative should used to disallow 4 witness in Rape trials and I believe Tok Guru wise enough to allow some alteration.In total, HUDUD law not bad and if we can follow English Common law in total,why can't we understand and try to add some GOD made law in our life?
  • Why Malay leader?Well why not,if such measurement could ensure peace in majority Malaysian,then why we need to change and bring up idea on having non-malay leader?Do you think Obama win just because Black(the minority) demands for it??Well it's because the majority allows it and they been respective with having Black as their leader.So until the majority allow such privilege to minority,non-Malay should just agree with Malay leader for common benefit and to ensure harmony.
  • I do salute Tok Guru wise and matured thinking in tackling race related issues.Well the recent about suggestion by Tok Guru to merge UMNO and PAS into 1 single party under Islamic banner.Don't you think he's really wise here??Well actually Tok Guru have double meaning and totally manage to break any further concrete talks on merging just by giving such suggestion.He manage to shut UMNO mouth for once.I'm sure Tok Guru knows that UMNO won't agree such suggestion.Tok Guru made a point of no return and really test the real motive of UMNO.IF UMNO SINCERE & REALLY WANT TO BUILT UNITY among Malays and Muslim which can't be separated,why they have to think twice or hesitate to join under 1 single banner??Why the talk so cold now??

Well in total, we can't keep on labeling PAS as a back to date party,in fact I can really see wisdom and clean government in them.So what is they talk about Islam,I'm sure any religious practise never bring harm to human and in fact we should understand and respect a man with high religious value and chose for who that follow GOD way in his life and principle.To date, I never felt such ambition is wrong and we just need to respect those who follow and practise such value.Maybe PAS should start with light approach such as open dialogs to explain and a come up with concerete plan for Multi-religious friendly Islamic state 1st as this should pave the way towards their ambition.

In total,we must have an alternative for Anwar and yes Anwar not a bad choice as well.He still have many similar common values which I point above and since we love Anwar ,let us support Anwar for PM now.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anwar broke??

From Malaysiakini report @

Dalam ceramah Anwar di Kampung Belah Dua, di Permatang Pauh malam tadi, beliau berkata tidak mempunyai dana yang cukup bagi menaja makan dan minum para penyokong PKR yang hadir pada setiap ceramahnya.
“Puluhan ribu yang datang tetapi air pun tak ada. Saya tak mampu… Saya juga tidak mempunyai saham atau tanah,” katanya.
Pada setiap ceramahnya, lapor agensi berita itu lagi, petugas PKR akan melakukan pungutan wang bagi menampung keperluan berkempen pada pilihanraya kecil ini yang akan diadakan pada 26 Ogos.
Anwar yang sentiasa dilihat menaiki kereta jenis Mercedes S320 berwarna perang di setiap ceramahnya juga menafikan kenderaan itu adalah miliknya.
“Kereta saya naik itu bukan saya punya. Tapi pak (bapa) saya punya. Saya ni tiada apa-apa pun. Kalau tak percaya boleh tanya Azizah (Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, isterinya dan juga residen PKR).

Well,if you believe his broke ,then we should agree below points..
  • DSAI currently not employed and been earning through his part time lecturing.
  • DSAI relying on public donation alone (PKR fund) for his campaign
  • DSAI daughters studied in local University just like us,ordinary citizen.
  • DSAI can't and never been tried under monetary corruption charge till date where it's most popular method to bring any politician to his knee..In his case ,a bizzare and totally rubbish claim of sodomy been used..
  • DSAI try his best to revive kickback law during his heyday as Deputy PM through asset declaration as compulsory for any ex-cabinet minister .Under his suggestion,remaining asset above pay will go straight into goverment..Don't you think any kickback lover would try not to even think about this???

But I still can't say he's broke totally..since he got enough fund for himself through above source..Maybe not enough for lavish jamuan I guess..

Well , I do strongly support DSAI as I label him as among cleanest hand..How bout you??


Sunday, July 20, 2008

What went wrong for past 50 years?

What went wrong for past 50 years? Question which linger among every single Malaysian..I see this as a perfect question to ask and to answer..We can't answer without covering all three 3 major categories from social, politic & economy..And all 3 elements strongly determined by the ideology we chose..

When talk about ideology,it's almost impossible for us to shake Western blend democratic from almost every aspect of our life.This been practiced for years until we feel any other ideologies suit as national threat..For instance,even talking about Communism will drag you into deep trouble..I won't blame this since we know why..Many life lost and every bit of our spirit start to erode during communist era..We can't deny since such situation warrant a state of security only with perfect mould of democratic system..People government as we say..What's more, any religion indeed endorse such system as holy one and we start to feel very much comfortable with our right to chose and decide the leader..Vote been eagerly anticipated by Malaysian years after years and the spirit we show during the period vastly derived from the sense that we are the real power behind this democratic country..The sense that drive Malaysian spirit in whole...

But everything seem falling apart for past few years ,our latest election seem to shake Malaysian spirit terribly..We start to feel something not right for past 50 years...I believe every Malaysian do..Yes, there is something....Every bit of Malaysian spirit breaking away.Our rice bowl shake badly,our cost of living escalating to record high.Majority of Malaysian are virtually broken with no saving and bleak future..It's hard to trust anyone today..The sense of people government disappearing amongst..The cruelty and barbaric manner of oppresing public resistance and discomfort not something to be cherish.Every single system ,designed to protect and to create comfort for master(people) used against the master(people).. What else can go bad in Malaysia today??

Are we wrong to chose the ideology that shape our life??The same ideology that propel our nation??Its not the ideology, every ideology have pro and contrast as I believe democratic society won't fail..Then what???The real culprit is our self..Remember, we are the ultimate power to decide the type of government.Don't blame political party..They are just politically divided and try to win each other..We should know pro and contras in choosing our government before casting vote..

The problem start from our ignorance..We fail to understand political party in depth and we fail to evaluate our leader..Hardly we bother to study their ideology..Its outrageous to say BN fail to work after 50 years of trust..Ultimately , it's our failure to chose the right leader for past 50 years..It's our failure to punish them for past 50 years..It's our failure to voice our dissatisfaction for past 50 years..It's our sheer ignorance to nurture trust blindly in the name of security..We are the loser and now we are paying the price and disgust to be exposed with piles of rubbish we create for past 50 years..

Well thank god we manage to wake up after long 50 years of slumber..It's not an easy task to change the very system that we created..It requires lots of self determination and true Malaysian spirit for such noble reason..Yes, I do support good government and I love to see the changes..For me ,human do mistake and will learn from there..But when the mistake interpreted into habitual mistake ,it won't help a bit here..The best way is for us to look for an alternative..The syndrome of denial among politician is extraordinary and I have reason to believe their mistake is a habitual one..

I hate to go deeper and attack a person individually..For me, it's equally rubbish to act or talk nonsense without clear fact..Fact is important here..My views on current leadership derive from the shaky economy and oppressive manner to silent public voice, amongst which in the form of intimidating manner of libel suit and blatant use of security force as invisible shield..It's highly regretted to learn our very own IGP using libel suit to fend off allegation instead facing and clear it in right manner..Likely,any libel suit from IGP and statesman is not easy to fend off and highly intimidating..Such habit to start libel suit even before clearing their allegation is not healthy and should never be allowed in first place..By right, any person especially senior government position shouldn't resort to libel suit to fend of initial allegation but should be allowed upon clearing their case.

The list will go on and I 'm not in the mood to point anyone..I just try to discuss grave mistake around us for past 50 years from the consequences we facing now..I would love to hear more views from Malaysian with Malaysian spirit.Till then